COVID-19 and travelling to Estonia

Important travel status update

Estonia admits people with no Covid-19 symptoms arriving from the European Union, the members of the Schengen area or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as from a small number of countries outside this area – but quarantine requirements may apply.

From September 1 foreigners can also have a COVID-19 test done for a fee in order to shorten their self-isolation (the general 14-day self-isolation obligation). Coronavirus test results from before arriving to Estonia are not accepted. All contact with other people must be avoided while waiting for the test results, which can take up to 48 hours. Pre-booking for COVID-19 test can be made via phone +372 678 0000.

Detailed information on countries, self-isolation and testing requirements for passengers can be read from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Main restrictions in Estonia

  • People should comply with a so-called 2 + 2 rule, i.e. maintain at least 2-metre distance from other people in public places and indoors (everywhere except at home).
  • Masks are required in public indoor places (stores, banks, malls, cinemas etc) and on public transport.

Read more about main restrictions in Estonia.

Welcome to Estonia!

Mainor Travel was established in 1988. We are the oldest private travel management company in Estonia and until 2019 we operated under the name of Mainor Meelis.

As true travel professionals we offer something that your Internet search engines cannot: unforgettable memories! Doing more than just taking you to visit the must-see sights around the world, we make sure that in every destination you’ll experience the local culture and life in depth: meet your local counterparts, have meaningful site visits and take the best from each country back home with you. We believe that to travel is to live and therefore we are committed to provide:

  • One of a kind travel experiences for every occasion or need.

  • Top-notch private and professional educational and study tours that give the opportunity to experience how your colleagues in other countries live.

  • The possibility to organise personal or company events and training in Estonia and abroad.

  • The opportunity to participate in professional conferences, trade fairs, training courses, as well as sports competitions, festivals and similar events around the world.

Destination services provided in Estonia and abroad:

  • Customized travel itineraries

  • Flight tickets

  • Hotel bookings

  • Transportation on site

  • Car rental services

  • Ferry and train tickets

  • Private and group sightseeing tours

  • Ski and golf packages

  • Cruise holidays

  • Meetings and conferences

  • Spa holidays

  • Special interest tours (agricultural, medical, etc)

  • Guiding services

  • Event management

  • Travel insurance

Our extensive experience, knowledge and worldwide network of local partners make us the people to trust with your travel needs.

Global Distribution System: Amadeus, Galileo
IATA Accreditation: since 1995

Professional Associations:
ETFL (Estonian Association of Travel Agents)
EKTK (Estonian Chamber of Commerce)
EVEA (Estonian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises)

Contact us:

ph +372 611 7000


Photography: Kaupo Kalda,